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Introducing Mariachi Nuevo Mujer 2000, the newest era of a dynamic all-female powerhouse mariachi ensemble, under the direction of Patricia Fernandez.

Continuing the legacy of previous mariachi pioneers, Laura Garciacano Sobrino and Marisa Orduno,  Mariachi Nuevo Mujer 2000 is keeping those doors open for women in mariachi as ambassadors, earning their equal part in a male dominated genre. Meeting high standards in musicianship, our goal involves surpassing previous stereotypes, as each member of this ensemble represents tradition, culture and education all in one.

Our vibrant sounds from acclaimed arrangers and composers, will transport you from traditional to modern melodies ranging from Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Joan Sebastian, Juan Gabriel and many more.

Groundbreaking Mariachi Nuevo Mujer 2000 is at the dawn of creating musical history!

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